The City is Yours - Free Text-based Mafia strategy game


12 december 2020: Version 1.1 Released

(Fixed some minor bugs, made changes to enemy AI)

06 december 2020: Version 1.0 Released

In The City Is Yours you take on the role of a mafia boss and it is your goal to beat your rival in taking over the city by extortion, drugdealing, robberies, burglaries and more. Take over building blocks, expand your crew by recruiting men, hire hitmen and send them to attack your rival. The newspaper will give you updates on what's happening each week. In this turn based game you will move your organisation through a workweek and each turn will have consequences. So pick your strategy wisely!


How it works.

  1. Open notepad file
  2. Go to File - Save as
  3. Save as .bat file
  4. Play
The City Is Yours
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